Mainstay Reactiv8 -- treatment for chronic low back pain

Myself and my colleagues were excited to be part of a study showing the efficacy of Reactiv8.  We were asstounded by the results which you can see for yourself in the published study.  Reactiv8 has allowed us to help this huge subset of patients with chronic low back pain due to core muscle instability.  It can be diagnosed with a simple test by a physician, physical therapist or chiropractor.  A lumbar MRI is also helpful in determining whether a patient may be a candidate for this new form of treatment.  These are patients who are not candidates for conventional spine surgery and are not responding to medications, PT, injections or exercise.  Check out the study to learn more and schedule an appoitment to see if your a candidate.


Jonathan P Gentile MD physician/partner at Indiana Spine Group Specialty: Interventional Pain Management, Spinal Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Anesthesiology with fellowship in IPM Practice 25+ yrs

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